Samina Art Watercolor Palette - Set Up & Review

Sunday, April 15, 2018

When I bought my Mijello Mission Gold Pure Pigment Set, I also needed to order a big enough palette to ideally set them in. The obvious choice would be to go with one of the Mijello options, but the big ones were a bit expensive for me on ebay. So I found this one on Aliexpress, from a shop where I had already ordered a few brushes (I might do a little review of those later on here in this blog).

This palette is made in China and there a just a few reviews on Aliexpress. When I went looking for reviews elsewhere, there was none to be found. Seriously, I found nothing. So, I took a little risk and ordered it anyway. It was considerably cheaper than the Bullet Proof palettes by Mijello (which I fancied) and it seemed to be made of the same material. 

The interior is made of Polycarbonate, "an extremely durable (30 times stronger than acrylic) lightweight material", as described in the box. It's a transparent kind of plastic.

Other than the price and the attractive clear interior, the size was interesting. It has 35 large wells (I don't like tiny wells), plenty of mixing space and it's still a manageable size, it doesn't feel bulky. I love that the wells are slanted instead of flat and I love to have a place for all the original 26 colors of the palette and still room for 9 others, if I chose so!
For now, I've chosen to add 4 convenient mixes (that i've mixed myself) and I still have room for 5 more!

Some considerations for this palette:

- I don't find the exterior of the palette particularly pretty or as sleek as some its similars, but that is a detail of lesser importance to me.

- The polycarbonate material is said to be more durable than acrylic - I could not say, but it seems sturdy enough for me.

- It is said to be "stain resistant and easy to clean" - I wouldn't count on it. Or I should say, I think it behaves just as any of my regular white plastic palettes. Staining colors will stain and I have to use a piece of magic sponge if I want to make it white again.

- The closing clasp doesn't seem very strong, so I would use an extra security item, like an elastic band, if I were to travel with it. Although this is not in my plans. I think it's too big to travel with, but it's perfect for my home studio!

- I believe you can only buy this palette in Aliexpress. I couldn't find it for sale anywhere else.

Overall, I'm completely satisfied and happy with my purchase! I would recommend this palette to anyone!

If you want to see how I set up this palette with my Mijello paints, I've uploaded a video:

I hope this mini review is useful for you! If you have any questions or just want to chat, please leave me a comment!

Happy paintings!



Samina Art website:

Art Secret Official Store (Aliexpress):

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  1. Hello! i was wondering if you ever had plans to compare the white night and mission gold paints. How you've been using them, how it feels to paint or if one suits your art style more than the other, or just your overall thoughts! I also wanted to upgrade from my current watercolors and was wondering if the white night paints flow well. I don't think i'm ready to drop the money for mission gold quite yet but its always handy to have information. Thanks for your reviews so far!

  2. Danke für den schönen Produkttest, die Farben sehen echt gut aus.Werde ich mir auch mal besorgen wenn ich mit meinem Haus kaufen Stuttgart fertig bin.Danke an dich und liebe Grüße Tim


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