Wednesday, June 29, 2016

nib, sumi ink, modern calligraphy

Ever since I started to really get serious about Graphic Design, my work has been more and more computer based. I got really comfortable with Illustrator’s pen tool and my sketches became more and more sketchy. I would draw my ideas roughly on paper and develop them further on the computer, or sometimes I’d just skip the paper altogether. Nothing wrong with that, as long as I get my final results, right? Sort of. 
The problem is I always loved to do stuff with my hands, but the computer was starting to atrophy them. Not only that. There’s a pleasure and deepness involved in the tactile experience of holding a pencil or feeling the friction of a dip nib on paper, not to mention the lovely scent of Sumi ink or the bliss of looking at a watercolor palette. The material is inspiring in itself. It makes you put more weight on the process and less on the end result. 
watercolour, practice, sketching

Or maybe this is because I didn’t get to be good at it yet? The thing is I’m not really too worried if I’m gonna be really good. I don’t intend to become an art gallery artist or even a professional calligrapher. I’m pretty happy being a graphic designer and I don’t feel guilty at all if I have to make adjustments in Photoshop or Illustrator for a final professional piece. At least that’s how I feel now. I still love me my computer! But, oh, the joys of working with my hands! 
This is a happiness that I want to share. I intend to post on this blog my journey with graphic design, typography, modern calligraphy, watercolor and anything else I find inspiring along the way.

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