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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Today, I want to share the best online course I ever enrolled to! Teela Cunningham's Learn Font Making course is what made all my hand-lettered fonts possible. Now, she is opening for enrollment again!

Have you ever wanted to make your own font? Did you make your Google searches for tutorials and felt like there's not much info out there and/or felt overwhelmed with the technicalities? I sure did!

When I made Fredoka a few years ago, Glyphs wasn't even around. We used FontLab, a great robust software for creating fonts, but honestly, really hard to learn. I had lots of help from font experts at the time, especially with the technical bits, which I never fully understood how to use in FontLab. In fact, I had such a hard time figuring it out, that eventually my font making dreams were put in the freezer.

Then Glyphs came along and I heard everyone was starting to use it. It was supposedly a lot more simple and straight forward than Fontlab, etc, but I was a Windows user and unfortunately had no access to a Mac on a regular basis.

I had been following and enjoying Teela's tutorials on Youtube, then Skillshare, and as soon as she mentioned Glyphs in one of her classes, I left her a comment suggesting a Glyphs class. She nicely replied saying this was actually in her future plans. Meanwhile, I saved to buy my first mac. Coincidently, I got my Mac around the same time Teela released Learn Font making. I didn't hesitate for one second, as soon as I received that email, I jumped right in!

It was the best thing I did for myself and my business this year. Teela is a natural teacher. She takes you by the hand and breaks down the tricky bits until they become easy. I'd say Teela has the 3 most essential characteristics of a good teacher:
1- a contagious positive attitude that makes the learning process light and enjoyable;
2- the ability to synthesize, while still being thorough;
and, most importantly,
3- generosity. She genuinely shares her knowledge without sparing and she genuinely cheers on her students. It's the real deal!

The course is introduced and presented in a very accurate way, what you read is what you get. I had high expectations and they were all fulfilled. The Facebook group was a nice plus! It had and still has a very nice camaraderie and supportive atmosphere.

Other than learning how to use Glyphs and actually feeling confident with a software that I've grown to love, I have finally started my shop on Creative Market, which is another thing I've wanted to do for quite some time. I probably would have procrastinated for a few more years if it wasn't for this course, lo. Now I'm making some passive income out of something I'm very passionate about!

I cannot recommend this course enough. I cannot recommend Teela as a teacher enough. If hand-lettered fonts are something you want to learn how to make, this is the course for you! I don't know of any other and the price point is quite good, too.

Head over to her page and check all the info! You'll also see a sample of many other beautiful fonts made by my fellow students. But hurry up! I think enrollment is open for only one week!!

My only warning is: Be careful! Font making can be highly addictive!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the amazing post. Just out of curiosity, how much was the course? Really interested and need to think about budgeting! 😉

  2. Do I have to have a MAC with her course? Do I have to have it to create Glyphs? I use Windows.... please let me know if you can because her course is opening in 2 weeks, thanks sooooo much!!

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